the shirts we wear (guest post by duane scott)

In some states, if caught driving under the influence of alcohol, a person is required to wear a blazing orange vest and pick up trash in ditches.  On their vest, the words are printed:


Cars pass, people stare.  One night’s bad decisions are worn as clothes for the world to see.  I’m reading this in the newspaper, wrinkles appearing on my forehead, because I think it’s a bit harsh.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think driving drunk needs consequences; serious ones even.  But to have your past mistakes pasted across your back for the sheer purpose of embarrassment, it’s just…

“It’s the same thing you do,” heaven bends low and whispers. God’s guiding hands settle on my shoulders.

I close my eyes.

It’s morning now, this very morning, and I’m playing the day over again in my mind, like a film projected on my eyelids.

I see myself.  The way I stumbled out of bed, forgetting to tell God good-morning.  Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I step into my jeans.  I’m late for work now and I don’t want to wake my wife with the light so I reach blindly into the drawer, grabbing a t-shirt.  Slipping it over my head as I walk to the bathroom, I flip on the overhead light to brush my teeth and convince snarled hair to lay low.

Earlier this morning, I never saw it.  But now, in my mind, I notice the words stamped on my wrinkled t-shirt.  They read:




I wear these shirts.  Daily.  In my hurry to rush toward my normal day in my normal life,  I forget that “I am His beloved.”

Imagine this.  Your alarm rings.  And God smiles. Why? One of His favorite people are waking to the day He created, to the Grace He has given through the night.  And then this.  You rush away, never even nodding in the direction of God or even smiling back.

It’s sad, really.

Because the truth is you are noticed.  He created you uniquely to be “you” and every hair on your head is counted.  You aren’t forgotten.  In fact, God created a home just for you and someday, He’d like to be your neighbor.  You are loved.  It has been said a scroll, stretched side to side in the heavens, could not contain enough words to describe the love He has for His children.

The shirts. They look tattered now, lying there in the laundry.

(Thank you for this powerful truth, Duane. Readers, please visit my friend, Duane Scott, at his blog, here)

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4 thoughts on “the shirts we wear (guest post by duane scott)

  1. My shirt? The one I slip on subconsciously? It says, Even if I give it all I’ve got, it won’t be enough.

    And I love how you attack those lies, not with berating the individual for their “faith failure,” but by lifting up the Truth and letting Him do what He said He would do, draw all men. Unlock the chains we forge ourselves, and set us free into the wide open of security in Jesus.

    Great words to put on today. Thanks.

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