Thin Birthday (Poem by ManicDDaily)

On one birthday when she was very thin,
he brought out, after much whispering,
a half-grapefruit set upon a platter.

It was their birthday cake platter–wooden,
painted with blue ribbon swirl, holes put in
careful spaces along its perimeter.

The lone half grapefruit balanced in the place
for cake; a pink candle centering its face
like a faded, twisted cherry, stretched out tall.

He looked at her with such worry, not
(she thought) for her condition, but to please.  What
to give a child stuck in rigid refusal?

She’d disdain cake, she’d groan (he knew), oh Dad.
So, for her to weep, to get so very sad,
was quite unfair.  I wanted to give you

something you would take, he said, as they sat
out in the car and he awkwardly pat
her arm, reaching for something flesh and true.

 A little about me – My real name is Karin Gustafson, and this poem is from my book Going on Somewhere.  I blog as Manicddaily at  I have three very different books out.  One is a children’s counting book called 1 Mississippi which was written and illustrated by me (with tons of elephants); one is a book of poetry, Going on Somewhere; and the other is a very fun novel called Nose Dive.  Nose Dive actually also deals with issues of appearance and self-esteem, but from a comedic perspective.  The books are published by BackStroke Books and are all on Amazon.

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