what i really, really want (guest post by the sacred life)

the lilies on  my windowsill

a few days ago, beautiful monica commented, i’ve asked this question to people i meet, or a variant, and it’s shocking how difficult it is for most people.

i agree. i am (was) one of those people. what do i really, really, really want? it’s easy to answer the obvious: deeper understanding. mad organizational skills. reach my goal weight. do what i love and make a difference for others. but all of these answers are symptoms of something deeper … a root, a thing that matters most. identifying our thing can be a bit tricky. u2 says it best, i think:

I have spoken with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone
But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

so how do we?
how do we find what we are looking for?
how do we discover what it is that we really, really want?

the answer is simple.

it is through the lost arts of stillness
and listening.

being ::

it is through being present in yourself, it is being aware.

this is one reason why i love monica’s senses shared exercise. in my own practice, something i have done for a long time is to sit and ask myself, what do i feel right now? what do i need? what am i hungry for? what do i see right at this moment? and this brings the truth of being into focus, and all that is real and true.
as we sojourn throughout our years, our deeply-rooted thing will vary according to our emptiness and fullness. at one point in my life, it was to matter. to know that i, as me, had a purpose and reason to live ~ and to live loved. there is a difference between mere living and living loved, and that difference spells soul-life or death.

for me now? what do i really really REALLY want?


my own personal journey is about coming into wholeness, into (home)ostasis of soul, spirit, mind, flesh. becoming fearless; fine-tuning love until it shimmers with all purity and light. my sweet friend shared the following quote with me this morning:

When others see you at peace, they’re reminded of the value of tranquility … 
that is, you inspire them to be at peace. ~  Doreen Virtue 

this is why i sojourn,
this is why i live,
and this is why i desire wholeness.


(thank you, beautiful rain. please visit her site, here, friends…)


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