How to feel good about your body

Suggestions from Mary Pipher on how to feel good about your body, as taken from her book, Hunger Pains-The Modern Woman’s Tragic Quest for Thinness:

1. When you look in a mirror, make sure to notice and remind yourself of what you like about your appearance. This may take some time and practice.
2. When you find yourself being critical of your appearance in the mirror, force yourself to turn away. Say firmly, “Body, you are mine. I like you.”
3. Break the habit of comparing yourself to others in terms of appearance.
4. Don’t criticize or comment on other women’s appearances.
5. Learn to dress comfortably rather than “fashionably.”
6. When you meet others, focus on something besides your appearance. Strive to be interesting, nurturing, witty, a good listener, and empathic.
7. Pay attention to the way media depictions of women influence your self-image, and stay away from media that makes you feel badly about your body and appearance.
8. Compliment girls and women for other things besides their physical appearance.
9. Learn to value yourself for other things besides your appearance. Keep track of your accomplishments and successes and remind yourself of them often.
10. Develop other interests besides your appearance. Focus on skills or activities that have nothing to do with your appearance.

Praying your weekend, friends, is full of wholeness, confidence and joy. Love, e.


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