Skinny doesn’t bring lasting love (Guest Post by Boho Mama)

I went grocery shopping by myself tonight, and it was good to be alone.

I bought a box of Nature’s Valley organic toaster pastries. I stood there staring at the box, and they reminded me of when I was first married, when Andy worked at Costco and we had an Executive membership, and we’d always buy a case of black beans, a bag of frozen burritos, and a huge box of the same kind of organic poptarts, strawberry and blueberry.

Those were the days when I was sick but on the road to getting better. When I knew in my head that eating one microwaved burrito all day was not healthy, but I was high on that glorious feeling of control that I couldn’t let go of.

When I hear people quote Kate Moss saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, I get sad. Because that kind of skinny doesn’t always feel good. That kind of skinny is only meaningful for a short period of time.

That kind of skinny doesn’t bring lasting love, or fulfillment, or all the things that make a woman feel alive and beautiful. And it is hardly ever enough.

Unpacking the groceries, I open the box and the foil pack. I pour a big glass of our beloved farm milk. It’s been a long day. And I know, for a fact, that there are things that taste better than a certain kind of skinny feels.

“Hey babe, want a pop tart?”

(thank you, dear Megan, for sharing your story; readers, please visit my friend, here… )


2 thoughts on “Skinny doesn’t bring lasting love (Guest Post by Boho Mama)

  1. yeah. i lived that lie for too too long. that kind of skinny that kate moss believes feels so good? it sapped my ability to love and love well the people around me. it’s the saddest place i have ever been. i love this piece. so glad you shared.

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