on messing up our children

in many ways, i am glad i have boys.

i am worried i would mess up a girl. i am worried she would see me worrying and think she needed to worry too: about life, about God maybe not being as good as she hoped he was, about boys and school and everything in life that weighs a person down.

and i’m worried these fears would make her try to hurt herself, for her not being able to save the world.

yet boys are people too and they have feelings and hearts and what it comes down to is this: i need to stop worrying, so i don’t mess up my children.

i need to learn to trust God more and take myself more lightly. i need to learn to laugh at myself. to take that shame and fear and turn them into humility and hope.

and in some strange way, i think i need to think LESS of myself so i stop thinking i could ever save the world, and start thinking a whole heck of a lot MORE of God.

less of me. more of him. less of me. more of him.

this is my mantra this week.

this is my mantra for life, and one of these days, i’ll stop worrying about how much i worry, and i’ll learn to just live.


10 thoughts on “on messing up our children

  1. I have truly done my share of “messing up” my four children by my actions over the years. But I have found that God truly is a Redeemer and gives back the years that the locusts have eaten. My children are all adults now and God has loved them more than I have, protected them from my mistakes, and carried them in His arms for all these years, in spite of me. He will do the same for you friend.

  2. I am sure God knew what He was doing when He gave us our children. He knew we would do our best to bring them up! As to worrying, it’s like a mad dog- if you let it loose, it will take you to hell and back. Keep it on a tight leash and pull it every time it wants to take you for a stroll!!!

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