what it means to be beautiful in God’s eyes (guest post)

i think we’re obsessed with looking in the mirror. like we’re almost infatuated by the ideas of beauty created by the top forms of society, and when we see ourselves, we realize:

we’re not it. we can so easily find a part of us that is not satisfactory. the size of our nose. the shape of our eyes. our body form. whether tall or short, big or small, we can find something about us that we don’t like. and we won’t rest until it’s fixed.

even if that means eating less, exercising more, because we don’t matter, it’s our bodies that need all the attention. by everyone. we have to find ourselves worthy. and so does everyone else.

but can we not see that there is so much more than what we see on the outside?

He loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves. whether we see ourselves as too fat, because we never see ourselves as too skinny, or whether we see ourselves as too short or too tall. we our hair is too curly or too straight. He loves us the way we are. He made us like this.

but we choose not to accept it.

we want to be the kim kardashians, the heidi montags, the ones with the barbie doll bodies. we want to be anyone. we just don’t want to be ourselves. we’re constantly jealous. staring ourselves down in the mirror with a sad sneer, cursing at ourselves. why don’t you just lie down in a ditch and die? you’re so ugly. look at that nose. of course he’s not going to love you. constantly fixing our hair. is there something on my shirt? my makeup looks horrible today. look at those eyelashes. so perfect. she doesn’t even have to touch them up. she’s naturally like that. and i’m not.

we don’t see that God loves us just the way we are. oh my daughter, can’t you see that i think you’re beautiful? come running into my arms, because i want to embrace you. i want everyone to see your beauty. but most of all, i want you to see your beauty. i sent my Son to die on the cross for you. how could you not think you’re special?

he became flawed, so we could be flawless.

he took our scars and our zits so that we could be blemish free. but we can be so dense as to not see that? who are we? what have we become? a viper who wants nothing else but to be noticed, and we plaster on the concealer so that we don’t have to see our impurities. but can’t you see that God is the cleanser? He is the one who washed that away.

when someone tells me i’m beautiful i respond and say “yes i am, thank you.” you may think it sounds conceited. but i refuse to think of myself as ugly. i am beautiful in Him, and others can see it so that way they will believe they are beautiful as well. i have many friends. every time i see them i say “you look gorgeous”. they roll their eyes and say “well, i don’t think i’m gorgeous.” but they don’t realize that i mean it. do we not see that we are perfect? that we are precious?

apparently not. but just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean we aren’t.

(thank you, for sharing this post with us, beautiful jocee...)


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