Elizabeth’s Kites (Guest Post on ED Blog)

My father said I was “too bad” to attend the neighborhood public elementary school.

And yet one fine, glorious, sunny, windy day, he broke his own rule.

Two kites magically appeared, and he and I galloped the few blocks away, up and down the hills around the school, our kites rising high and free as the blustery cold wind howled and landed in stings on my skin. I was so happy to be playing, to unabashedly feel, make noise and still be safe.

The Wind muffled my squeals of delight as only Wind can.

Suddenly, my kite careened into a huge tree. How could I have let this happen? Fear and shame filled my little girl body. Here I was being bad again. Was this yet another example of why I couldn’t go to this school?

But this time he didn’t mock, he wasn’t cruel. Instead, he safely brought down my kite. It was a little battered but still a kite.

We went home. I never saw the kites again.

Years went by. I visited the outskirts of the same school as an older child, running up and down the hills, this time as punishment for the extra slice of homemade bread I had eaten at dinner. Surely I had been bad, so surely I would pay. As I ran in laps around the school in my heavy winter clothes, the memory of the little girl and her kite flooded my mind. I told God I hated her. I vowed her playful loving self would never surface again. I also vowed to forever hate my father who now only came out of his cocoon of mental illness in moments for violence or social ineptness.

The Wind braced my tears and rage as only Wind can.

Many more years have gone by. This month I am allured by the challenge to go fly a kite, to honor both the little girl and her father.

For I am my Father’s Kite! My Father is guiding me around the elements and beautifully displaying me as only He can. I am a little battered, but I am still His.

The Wind brings my memories together and blows gently, warmly,
integrating the past with the present, as only Wind can.

Thank you, dear Elizabeth Grainger, for sharing this touching post with us. May you always feel the Father’s love gently guiding you…


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