The Purpose of This Place

maybe you’re in recovery from an eating disorder. maybe you’re a mother desiring to know how to help her daughter, or a husband, wanting to help his struggling wife.

with the help of videos and worksheets from FINDINGbalance, i hope, each week, to create a place of community where we can come together and share stories andΒ  concerns, as well as prayer requests.

i am here by the grace of God. i am evidence that there IS hope. so don’t give up.

join me, each monday, starting APRIL 4, 2011. i will be reflecting on video lessons given by Constance Rhodes, founder of FINDINGbalance, and organizer of America’s premiere Christian eating disorders conference, Hungry for Hope, at which I’ll be speaking this year. i will also provide a link where you can download the video for yourself, as well as accompanying worksheets. then, you can join me in the comments box, to discuss what you’ve learned and any questions you might have.

how does this sound? what would you like to see happen here? we are in this together, so don’t be shy. πŸ™‚

peace to you,



19 thoughts on “The Purpose of This Place

  1. Hi Emily – I am excited to see your site & to hear that your book is in the process of being published. I am hoping that this will be a site that I can send patients to. Have a great day! Pam πŸ™‚

    • It is so good to see you here, Jessie. We will be starting our weekly lessons Monday, April 4… if it helps, there is a subscribe button so you can get the posts sent directly to your email. Just so you know. Have a wonderful week, friend. e.

  2. Emily… super fantastic to take this bold step. I hope to be here regularly as a husband of someone in recovery. We are here and blessed by the grace of God alone…

    My personal convictions are wrought with feelings of frustration from a medical profession that, in my experience, excludes the husband from the process, and runs with it’s own agenda to the point of denying treatment out of province or country when they clearly have not been the answer here.
    Under the patient privacy agenda, being excluded from the process of treatment and recovery has been difficult for me, although understood from one perspective.
    The wealth of information for teenage struggles is contrasted by a seeming vacuum for mature women and men who still struggle.
    I hope to interact and share with other husbands and family members who have faced and are facing similar situations. We can support each other.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Leon… I am so glad you wrote. Yes, I pray this place can be a place of healing and hope for you, and that the weekly videos/discussion questions will be something you and your wife can share together. I plan to share my own adult struggle very soon, to get things moving… So glad to have you here. Bless you brother. e.

    • Hi LP – I just wanted to personally invite you (and your wife) to come to Hungry for Hope this year. Our whole intent for this year’s conference is to help men (and other family members) find the tools, hope and encouragement they need to love their eating disordered loved ones. Of course Emily will be speaking there, and you can see more of the speakers and topics at

      Hope to meet you there!

      Constance Rhodes
      Founder and CEO, FINDINGbalance, Inc.
      Author, Life Inside the Thin Cage

      • Hi Constance… thanks so much for your personal invitation. My wife and I would love to be there, but we’re faced with a very difficult schedule here at camp (I’m the Director of a summer camp) at that time, and I am just not certain how we could make it work. The location looks wonderful too. I trust and hope it will bring great healing and growth for all who attend. The Husbands session looks very very interesting… I would love to take part in that, and not just to vent like I did here that day. πŸ™‚ Blessings…

  3. Just excited and nervous about opening Pandora’s box, and figuring out where I go from here. Looking forward to the groups you, Emily, are starting.

  4. This is great. Thank you. What a brave ministry you have started. I am a baffled and frightened parent in need of support and knowledge. I cannot get the link to activate, but I will keep trying. I look forward to the conversations.

  5. Thanks for reaching out with your story to others! I am the mother of 4 daughters and I have battled anorexia for the last 13 years. My eating disorder did not start untill I was in my late 20’s. What started as a diet to lose weight associated with my last pregnancy turned into a monster that has taken over my life. My worst fear is that my children too will develop an ED as a result of what they have witnessed in our home.
    It’s nice to know that there is hope and that recovery is possible.

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